We are in a Post Media age traditional media is delivering even more diminishing impact. Marketers are seeking scalable alternate options to reach out to their targets.

Here is a list of 7 trends and predictions that will shape the future of brands and how they communicate with their consumers

    1. Brands will be forced to engage beyond awareness –  ‘Customer Experience’ based marketing and engagement offers a better model than one way advertising in a crowded information rich environment. Marketers will seek to move budgets from traditional mediums into newer and alternate mediums of scale.
    2. Customer experience based loyalty will rule and drive brand equity more than ever- across touch points. The more personalised and physical the better.
    3. User generated brand chatter & content will shape brand perception – A new version of  “It is not what you say – it is what they say”. On their (neutral) platforms….
    4. Future communication innovation will focus on small screen and no screen – Mobile will become the centre of marketing which will extend into physical interactions.
    5. Word of mouth will become even a bigger driver of choice – Instead of talking at the world – Brands will have to get the world talking. People share experiences. Not Ads. Social platforms multiply conversations exponentially for better or worse!
    6. Culture will be King – As media complexity increases, the idea of porting the same creative idea across different media is over. Culture will shape communication & experiences.
    7. Measuring ROI will remain an elephant in the room – Alternative measurement metrics like Return On Information, Return on Attention and Return on Experience will emerge.

This has been compiled by BrandTouch with inputs from CMO feedback, its own intellectual capital and secondary sources  including The Economist Intelligence Unit, Forbes & Fast Company.


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